Most common injuries

  • Traumatic origin

    Tissues reaction to aggressive agents, be they mechanical, physical, chemical or thermal.

  • Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections

    Candidiasis and herpetic lesions are the most frequent fungal and viral infections.

  • Immunological basis

    May manifest as allergic reactions or autoimmune changes of the oral mucosa.

  • Genetic origin

    White spongy nevus and some forms of epidermolysis bullosa are examples of hereditary pathologies.


Oral Medicine in Orallagos

At Orallagos we believe that the prevention of cancer and oral cavity pathologies is based on a healthy lifestyle, free of tobacco and alcohol abuse. We also recommend regular dental consultation so that an early diagnosis of lesions can be made, preventing more serious pathologies.

In the Orallagos we perform a visual examination of all oral structures and cavity. When a suspicious lesion is observed a biopsy of the lesion may be advised, allowing a specific histological diagnosis.