The Clinic

Our philosophy

A team of dentists who provide care according to their expertise areas.

All patients are initially observed at a check-up appointment by the clinical director, that will guide them for the proper expert depending on the treatment plan.

Orallagos privileges the academic and clinical training of its medical staff in order to guarantee that the treatments are carried out in accordance with the latest techniques and scientific publications.

Our clinical staff has highly educated professionals with published papers developed in international research groups.

Orallagos was born in the year 2000 with the initial idea of providing oral health care exclusively in the field of implantology.

Evolved today to a broader concept by extending the activity to all areas of dentistry by maintaining the original philosophy of specialization.

At Orallagos we believe that specialization and continuous training is the only way to guarantee a high-quality service and the use of the most recent techniques and materials.

Our clinic

The facilities of Orallagos - Dental Medicine Center have 4 offices, one of which is on the ground floor, adapted to patients with motor difficulties.

Orallagos also has its own laboratory for faster work and repairs at the moment, whenever possible.

We also have a digital radiology center with axial tomography (TAC) for diagnosis and planning of all treatments (orthodontics, aesthetic rehabilitation, implantology, etc.) delivered in the moment and without having to go to another place

In this way we consider to be able to plan and carry out any dental treatment that is necessary.

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