Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crown and bridge rehabilitation are dental treatments that are carried out to restore teeth that are badly damaged or missing in a fixed manner.

Rehabilitation by crowns and bridges or Fixed Prosthesis, presents a high aesthetic and cannot be removed which, almost always, constitutes an advantage in stability and comfort.


- Very destroyed teeth
- Root canal treated teeth in order to avoid fracture of the fragilized tooth
- Teeth with color changes that cannot be corrected with bleaching
- Teeth with atypical shapes (congenital malformations)
- Teeth worn by parafunctions (bruxism)
- Edentulous areas rehabilitated with bridges

Crowns and Bridges in Orallagos

In our clinic, fixed prostheses (crowns and bridges) undergo the following steps:

1. The abutment teeth are prepared to receive future restorations and scanning of both arches are performed.
2. The virtual model is sent to the laboratory and the crown is made.
3. After the aesthetic test, the finished crown is placed.

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