Dental Prostheses

Dental prostheses are one solutions for the replacement of missing teeth, loss of teeth or the natural lack of some teeth.

The Partial Removable Prosthesis replaces the natural teeth lost in arches in which some natural teeth still remain, therefore, with partial loss of teeth. It is removable and can be removed by the patient whenever he or she wishes.


- Replacing a large restoration when there is not much natural tooth structure left
- Protection of a weakened tooth that has been fractured
- Replacing a missing tooth by placing it on a dental implant
- Filling a tooth with a change in color or shape
- Protection of devitalized teeth in which the remaining dental structure is fragile
- Replacement of missing teeth

Dental prosthesis in Orallagos

In our clinic the construction of a dental prosthesis goes through several stages.

At a first stage one of our specialist in Prosthetic Rehabilitation will make the molds out of your mouth. Later the dental prosthesis is built in our specific laboratory for prostheses by specialized technicians. This dental prosthesis is made to fit perfectly into your oral and facial anatomy.

Finally, the test session is followed to understand the level of adaptation. In specific cases, some aesthetic or physiognomic adjustments may be necessary.

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