Endodontics is a specific area of ??dental medicine that addresses the treatment of all pathologies related to the vital organ of the tooth - the dental pulp or "nerve" of the tooth. The dental pulp is a network of vasculonervous canaliculi that fills the interior of the pulp chamber and the root canals.

The treatment of the pathology associated with this organ usually involves the removal of all these vascular and nervous structures, the disinfection of the space occupied by them and their subsequent sealing. It is this sealing that, or to be carried out in a correct and hermetic way, allows future complications to be avoided, thus allowing it to maintain its masticatory and aesthetic function.

The phases of this treatment take place in 3 procedures that can be performed in the same clinical session, or not, depending on several clinical factors such as the degree and level of activity of the infection, the degree of destruction of the tooth, etc.


- Coronary opening
Stage in which the crown of the tooth is broken by accessing the pulp tissue inside it

- Preparation of root canals
Phase in which, using the disinfectant solution with chelating action and specific instruments, all pulp tissue is removed from the root canals

- Obturation of the channels
Once the entire network of root canals is cleaned and disinfected, the space is filled with products that seal the entire space preventing bacteria from re-entering the interior.

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