The occlusion studies the relation between teeth of the two arches. For perfect occlusion, all teeth must have a correct position and relation between them and the bone system in which they are inserted.

When this harmony does not occur temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction arises. Some symptoms that may arise are: TMJ pain, often confused with earache, noises in the TMJ, headache, pain in the muscles of chewing, facial pain, difficulty opening the mouth or dental abrasion. This should be diagnosed and your treatment planned as soon as possible.


- Face muscles pain
- Masticatory pain
- Snap in the opening and / or closing of the mouth
- Difficulty opening and / or closing of the mouth
- Headaches

Occlusion in Orallagos

At Orallagos, we believe that the treatment of TMJ dysfunction involves the elimination of the main causes, so it is often necessary to articulate with orthodontic treatment, implantology interventions to replace missing teeth, or orthognathic surgery.

In our clinic we seek to restore a correct dental occlusion in all our interventions, so we can diagnose and treat diseases related to the dysfunction.

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