Pediatric Dentistry

It dedicates exclusively to the dental care of children up to 12 years. It involves treatments in deciduous teeth (milk teeth) and uses specific treatment techniques, both in terms of materials and clinical psychology, different from those used in adults.

Pediatric Dentistry consultations have a preventive purpose in avoiding the appearance of caries, controlling the bacterial flora of the child's oral cavity. These consultations are extremely important because they teach children and parents how to proceed to get a correct brushing of the teeth through the use of fluoride and dental floss, guaranteeing learning for oral health.


- Preventive Orthodontic Surveillance
- Treatment of cavities
- Topical Application of Fluoride
- Topical Application of Sealants
- Oral Health Guidance
- Bacterial plaque control

Pediatric dentistry in Orallagos

Orallagos Clinic has specialized doctors in Pediatric Dental Medicine, who can make the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all oral and dental problems of the youngest.

Pediatric Dentistry consultation in Orallagos allows to evaluate the oral health status of the child, controlling the dental eruption and performing the necessary preventive treatments.

In our clinic children are treated with the specific approach they need and appropriate to each stage of their development.

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